We offer and advice our customers the most innovative intercom solution of Dahua Technology. We focus hereby on 2-wire and IP solutions. We also support our customers to integrate the intercom devices in a bigger video surveillance system of Dahua.

2-Wire and IP Solutions

The analog 2-wire and digital IP intercom solutions are modular and can be customized for every specific project. Regarding intercom solutions we advise our customers in choosing the right technologies, the right products, the best fitting transmission technology and the integration in an existing video surveillance system of Dahua. Developing quick solutions which offer optimal results is our core competence.

Video Surveillance<

We are an official distributor of the No. 2 on the world market: Dahua Technology

Software Solutions

We advise our customers about professional video management and IoT messenger solutions


We offer our customers professional 2-wire and IP solutions of Dahua


We offer intelligent transmission solutions to allow the easiest installation possible

Project Planning

We plan complex projects for our customers with comprehensive project planning documentation

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