Software Solutions

Hardware and software of video surveillance systems are two sides of the same coin. With smart features, like e.g. face recognition and virtual tripwires, the overall performance of a video surveillance depends more and more on software solutions. We advise our customers comprehensively with respect to customized video management software solutions of Dahua. Furthermore, we offer as intelligent notification service our inhouse developed IoT-chatbot-solution: GroupLotse.

Smart Professional Surveillance Systems (SPSS)

We advise our customers comprehensively regarding installation, configuration, maintenance and operations of Dahua’s SPSS software. The software is a full-fledged video management software:

  • Number of devices: 256
  • Number of Screens: 4- Recording Channels: 32
  • Languages: 35
  • Smart Features: Face Detection, People Counting, E-Map, E-PTZ etc.
  • Supported OS: Windows, OSX

Digital Mobile Surveillance System (DMSS)

The DMSS can be installed by users of Dahua’s video surveillance systems on mobile devices like tablets or smart phones. We inform our customers about all functionalities and tricks how the app should be configurated and used. Like regarding all other products we are steadily in contact with the Dahua’s technical support and R&D team. Thus, we are always up to date regarding all new product developments – which we directly hand over to our customers.

IoT-Chatbot: GroupLotse

Our inhouse developed IoT-chatbot enables our customers to offer its customers an intelligent, messenger based notification systems for small, big and corporate groups. The solution can be used to share notification from video surveillance or intrusion alarm systems, but also from energy or process management systems. We use our chatbot to develop with our customers the best notification solution for every project – flexible and free of costs.

Video Surveillance

We are an official distributor of the No. 2 on the world market: Dahua Technology

Software Solutions

We advise our customers about professional video management and IoT messenger solutions


We offer our customers professional 2-wire and IP solutions of Dahua


We offer intelligent transmission solutions to allow the easiest installation possible

Project Planning

We plan complex projects for our customers with comprehensive project planning documentation

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