Transmission Technologies

A comprehensive planning and the right product choice of transmission technologies is often underrated by installers. Project costs can be reduced significantly, e.g. by using existing cabling. We offer our customers the most innovative transmission solution to combine digital and analog technologies. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is also one of our key competences. In transmission solution, we cooperate closely with UTEPO and Dahua.

PoE Switch

Power supply solutions for IP-cameras via existing ethernet cables can reduce project costs significantly, due to less installation effort and material spending. We work in that field with PoE Switches of UTEPO and develop together with our customers the best combination of cameras, switches and recorders. Our target is to find the best solution for every specific project to get the best results with the minimal possible effort.

Wireless Transmission Solutions

Under suitable conditions wireless transmission solutions can lead to significant cost reductions, or can even make projects technically possible. We advise our customers comprehensively regarding transmission solutions for video surveillance projects. Our focus is always on the question, if the constructional conditions are suitable for wireless solutions, or if wired or hybrid solutions are needed. In wireless transmission solutions, we cooperate closely with our main supplier Dahua Technology.

Video Surveillance

We are an official distributor of the No. 2 on the world market: Dahua Technology

Software Solutions

We advise our customers about professional video management and IoT messenger solutions


We offer our customers professional 2-wire and IP solutions of Dahua


We offer intelligent transmission solutions to allow the easiest installation possible

Project Planning

We plan complex projects for our customers with comprehensive project planning documentation

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