Video Surveillance

We are an official distributor of Dahua Technology in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Dahua is the No. 2 on the world market and offers high quality digital (IP) and analog (HD) video surveillance technologies for very competitive prices. The worldwide patented HD analog technology (HDCVI) and a very advanced IP technology is the basis for a dedicated product range which serves all needs for small, middle and big video surveillance projects (e.g. the tube in London).

Dahua Distribution Partner

As an official distribution partner, we offer our customers:

  • a big stock with the most important products,
  • comprehensive product trainings,
  • professional project support,
  • full technical support for set-up, maintain and operate complex video surveillance systems,
  • on request the full product range,
  • product training sessions and
  • other services within Dahua Partner Program (DPP).

IP Projects

We develop with our customers the best solution for small and middle size IP-projects. IP-projects require a detailed planning and an intelligent selection of products. IP-cameras, network recorder (NVR), transmission and storage technology need to be synchronized to each other. We support our customers hereby comprehensively and are looking always for the best solution for the specific project.

HDCVI Projects

We love Dahua’s HDCVI technology. The worldwide patented technology allows HD quality (up to 4MP) transmitted via analog transmission technologies (coaxial cables). The usage of already existing cables, easy installation, cyber security issues and low costs are many good arguments for that technology. As in IP-projects we advise our customers comprehensively to find the best solution for every specific project.

Thermal Projects

Thermal cameras have been used for a long time only for military or high-end industrial purposes. The newest generation of Dahua’s thermal cameras allows us now to offer this technology also for small and middle-sized projects. We advise our customers regarding the newest features and how thermal cameras can be integrated in video surveillance projects.

Video Surveillance

We are an official distributor of the No. 2 on the world market: Dahua Technology

Software Solutions

We advise our customers about professional video management and IoT messenger solutions


We offer our customers professional 2-wire and IP solutions of Dahua


We offer intelligent transmission solutions to allow the easiest installation possible

Project Planning

We plan complex projects for our customers with comprehensive project planning documentation

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