Project Planning

Our planning experts plan for our customers with professional planning tools complex video surveillance projects (incl. extensive documentation: camera placement, 3-D simulations per camera, etc.)

Software Tools

Our professional software-tool enable our customer to

  • increase the efficiency of the video surveillance system by reducing the costs by an optimal positioning of cameras,
  • simulate focal distance and angle of vision of every camera,
  • check the field of view and identify blind angles,
  • illustrate the full project by 2D- and 3D-modelling,
  • calculate the required storage capacity and bandwidth and
  • possess over project documentation for marketing reasons.

A map or photos are sufficient

We need the following information:

  • Site map- Google earth screen shots
  • Photos- Demand description (with respect to technology and functionality)
  • Information about the existing cable systems (coaxial, IP or wired)

Project documentation

The project documentation includes a detailed site maps which can be used to present and develop the project together with customer. On request, we plan also different technology options (e.g. IP and HDCVI). Our target is always to develop together with the customer the optimal solutions.

3D-modelling per camera

Our 3D-modelling per cameras allows the owner of the project to get already in the planning phase a detailed understanding of the performance of the planned video surveillance systems. How is the field of view per camera? Where are the blind spots and how is the sharpness of the picture in a certain distance? Our project planning answers all those questions.

Video Surveillance

We are an official distributor of the No. 2 on the world market: Dahua Technology

Software Solutions

We advise our customers about professional video management and IoT messenger solutions


We offer our customers professional 2-wire and IP solutions of Dahua


We offer intelligent transmission solutions to allow the easiest installation possible

Project Planning

We plan complex projects for our customers with comprehensive project planning documentation

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